WELSIM v1.1 expands nonlinear structural analysis


July 7, 2017

Latest release boosts complex engineering simulation with nonlinear solver capabilities.

PITTSBURGH, PA, July 7, 2017 — WELSIMULATION LLC is thrilled to release the version 1.1 of WELSIM — a general-purpose engineering simulation software. Engineers and researchers can conduct more complicated simulation studies with today’s release of WELSIM v1.1. WELSIM continues to build upon the advanced engineering simulation framework released in WELSIM v1.0 — better and easier.

Highlights of the release include:

  1. Ease of use and GUI enhancements

New graphical windows are added to the GUI framework. Users can now monitor input parameters and output results by using Chart, Tabular Data, and Output windows. Other improved GUI features enable users to better and easier define the simulation models and evaluate results.

  1. Contact and multi-body analyses

A true surface-to-surface formulation has been added for both small-sliding and finite-sliding contacts. Frictionless and frictional contacts are available for users to model various physical problems. Users can apply either Lagrange multiplier or Augmented Lagrange multiplier formulation to gain better accuracy.

  1. Nonlinear material analysis

Material library continues to be built upon a powerful material framework in WELSIM. Advanced nonlinear material solver capabilities enable users to analyze hyper-elastic, plastic, visco-elastic, and creep materials. This latest release also brings the graphical functionality and interactive features to the material definition interface.

  1. Transient and modal analyses

Transient and modal analyses are added to enable users to understand the dynamic details of the modelings. Both time integration and eigen-value solvers are added to calculate more realistic solutions for specific models.

WelSimulation LLC (https://welsim.com)is a privately owned, fully focused, and dedicated engineering simulation technology provider, located in the Greater Pittsburgh Area, PA, USA. Its flagship product WESLIM is a general-purpose engineering simulation software with an all-in-one graphical user interface and self-integrated features.