WELSIM 2024R2 is available now
#1 engineering simulation software for the open-source community.
Material Editor
Free material editing tool for engineering analysis
138 material properties are supported, and more are to be added.
Curve Fitter
A free curve fitting tool for engineering and science
Supports linear, polynomial, nonlinear, hyperelastic, core loss models, etc.
Unit Converter
Free unit conversion software for engineers
It supports 16 unit systems and 81 quantities

Authentically fast, secure, and powerful.

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Our products are developed for engineering, science, and education communities. The flagship simulation software WELSIM comes with an all-in-one graphical user interface and self-integrated features. It is a long-term-support product that aims to accurately and quickly solve engineering and science problems using the finite element and advanced numerical methods. We also shiped free engineering tools such as MatEditor, CurveFitter, UnitConverter, etc.

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We provide a wide range of enterprise-grade software development services specializing in scientific computing, numerical methods, and engineering simulation. With the decades' experience in the field, we can quickly deliver your customized software with superior quality.

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WelSimulation LLC (WelSim) is a unique and independent simulation technology provider. Founded in Greater Pittsburgh, PA, in 2017, WelSim was born out of a vision to create a company that could successfully combine the disciplines of engineering simulation, scientific computing, and software production.

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