New Features of Finite Element Analysis Software WELSIM v1.9


November 15, 2019

The general-purpose finite element analysis software WELSIM has released the latest version 1.9. Compared with the last version, version 1.9 has many new functionalities and features:

  • The new material editing module allows users to create and maintain material data easier and quicker. More complex material data can be input and used for successive analysis.
  • Support units for the entire package. Currently, support 8 unit systems and 69 units.
  • The new table and graph windows make data editing and visualization more convenient and vivid.
  • New About dialog shows software, hardware, and license information easily.
  • The software is generally enhanced and improved. Running is faster and more stable, the solution is more accurate. Upgraded many third-party dependent libraries to the latest versions.
  • Released two free and independent software applications: UnitConverter, and MatEditor.
  • Launched online documentation The PDF user manual is no longer supported.

Material editing module

Version 1.9 introduces a new material editing module and it replaces the last generation material editor. The new material module is intuitive to use. Inputting complex material data becomes easy and light. The table and graph windows are seamlessly connected to the material module, which enables the user to input and examine vector or matrix data easily.

Fully supported units

Starting from version 1.9, WELSIM fully supports various units through the entire package. Users no longer need to convert units by themselves to ensure unit consistency. At present, WELSIM supports 8 popular unit systems and 69 units. As shown, the user can select the unit system in the Preferences panel.

Structural analysis

WELSIM supports static, transient, and modal analysis of structures. It also supports a wider range of complex linear and nonlinear materials, large deformation, contact analysis, etc. The supported boundary conditions are fixed constraints, pressures, forces, displacements, and so on. Supported results include but not limited to deformation, stress, and strain.

Thermal analysis

Version 1.9 starts to support nonlinear thermal analysis, specifically the nonlinear material properties such as conductivity, specific heat, density. The thermal module is enhanced and improved. The supported boundary conditions include: temperature, heat flux, heat flow, heat convection, heat radiation, internal heat generation, perfectly insulated.

Electromagnetic analysis

WELSIM provides a basic electromagnetic analysis module. Its ease-of-use GUI allows users to quickly obtain electromagnetic analysis results.


The new version contains a new About dialog, which can display various information for users. Users can query WELSIM’s version, dependent libraries’ versions, license status, hardware information from this dialog.

Released with version 1.9, there are two new freeware programs: UnitConverter and MatEditor. UnitConveter is an engineering unit conversion tool, and MatEditor is an engineering material data editing application. These two software applications do not rely on WELSIM, can be used independently.

Behavior and limitation

Archived project file from v1.8 and before is no longer supported. If you have any questions and encounter any problems while reading the project files, please contact us.

For more details about the new version of WELSIM, please visit documentation site: