WelSim opens the source of the official website


July 29, 2022

Nowadays, no software product can be apart from open source projects or communities, and many large software and technology cooperations are also active contributors to open source projects and platforms. WelSim has always been a supporter of the open source community, especially for those friendly open source licenses such as MIT, BSD, LGPL, etc. WelSim uses some open-source codes to build products. It can be said that the development of WelSim products is closely related to various open source projects. In order to give back to the open source community, the entire official website code (welsim.com) has been open-sourced recently. This release is the first complete open source project of WelSim. I believe that many individuals and organizations will also benefit from this open-source project.


It has been more than 5 years since the WelSim website was launched in 2017. The website runs stably, and the design conforms to the vision and profile of the product. At the same time, it displays the product and publishes many technical articles on engineering simulation and scientific computing on the website. Recently, the website system has been re-architected to convert dynamic websites into pure static websites, a lot of optimizations and migrations have been done, and the updated website code has been open-sourced.


Although dynamic websites have great advantages in interactivity and functionality, for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or display websites, static websites can fully meet the needs, and static websites have many advantages. At present, WelSim’s website system has the following advantages:

  1. Fully static website, easy to deploy, and extremely low operation and maintenance cost. Suitable for SMEs and individuals.

  2. SEO-friendly, website content can be quickly discovered by major search engines without configuring additional caching hardware or services.

  3. The page design is exquisite and atmospheric, with clear layers and reasonable layouts. Suitable for displaying various types of products and projects.

  4. Mobile-friendly access (very important nowadays).

  5. Support blog and news system, and easy to maintain.


WelSim website source code will be updated and iterated continuously with the development of simulation products. Everyone who is interested in website development and simulation technology is welcome to fork to this open source library. You are also welcome to find issues in this open source library, and submit fixes and enhancements.

The open-source library of welsim.com is currently published on GitHub. (https://github.com/WelSimLLC/welsim.github.io)

With the development of ecology and products, WelSim may continue to open source some high-quality projects in the future to contribute to the simulation and open source communities.

WelSimulation LLC is an independent engineering simulation technology provider, located in Greater Pittsburgh, PA. Its flagship product WESLIM is a general-purpose engineering simulation software with an all-in-one graphical user interface and self-integrated features.