WELSIM released 2.4 to better support the open-source simulation community


December 3, 2022

The general-purpose engineering simulation software WELSIM has released the latest version 2.4. Compared with the previous version, version 2.4 contains many new functions and features, and has more support for open-source solvers and open-source eco-systems.


New features and product optimization details are as follows:

  • Support for exporting the mesh format of the open-source solver MFEM.
  • Support for generating input script for the open-source solver FrontISTR.
  • The solving result output format supports the open-source post-processor Paraview’s data format (*.pvd).
  • In the unit module, a new unit system: g-cm-um has been added. 8 new units are supported.
  • In the material editing module, 60 new material properties have been added, 1 new material has been added, and 30 test materials have been added. It also supports material script exported to OpenRadioss format (*.rad).
  • Since the v2.0 version, the Linux version is released again, which is suitable for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and above distributions.
  • Curve fitting supports CPU multi-core parallel computing.
  • The overall optimization and improvement make the software more stable, accurate, and easier to use. Upgrade multiple third-party dependent libraries.

WelSimulation LLC is an independent engineering simulation technology provider, located in Greater Pittsburgh, PA. Its flagship product WESLIM is a general-purpose engineering simulation software with an all-in-one graphical user interface and self-integrated features.