About Us

WELSIM has been building better engineering simulation software that is faster, more secure, and more affordable.

WelSimulation LLC (WelSim) is a dedicated and independent simulation technology provider. Founded in Greater Pittsburgh PA, by innovators in 2017. WelSim was born out of a vision to create a company that could successfully combine the disciplines of physics-based simulation, scientific computing, and software product.

WelSim has the uncommon advantage of being built by experts from the scientific computing and engineering simulation communities. With over decades of professional experience across academia and industry, we dedicate to transforming innovative thinking and strategic analysis into actionable intelligence for improvement. The flagship product - WELSIM, general-purpose engineering simulation software, is released and will be long-term supported. Besides, our free engineering software including MatEditor, CurveFitter, UnitConverter, and BeamSection have contributed to the community for years.

In addition to software products, WelSim provides enterprise-grade software development services.

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