What is WelSim?

WelSim was incorporated in January of 2017 to develop an improved and intuitive simulation software program. We are building the WelSim to improve the global adoption of engineering simulation and scientific computing. WELSIM is the first enterprise-grade engineering simulation software with friendly licensing options. In addition to the flagship product, WelSim also developed free engineering software including MatEditor, UnitConverter, CurveFitter, and BeamSection.

Where can I get answers to questions about running WelSim?

You should first read the official documentation, check out the information on the repository wiki. You also can ask us any questions via contact form or [email protected] for WelSim.

Where can I learn more about WELSIM?

The ease-to-use GUI makes WELSIM nearly no learning curve. You can start with our tests and examples. In addition, documentation can be found at docs.welsim.com.

Why is WELSIM better?

WELSIM dedicates to contributing to the engineering simulation and scientifc computing community. We believe our user’s success is our most important mission. WELSIM simulation software does not collect your data and does not need an internet connection to run, it has better security due to its no customer information collection. WELSIM is one of the most user-friendly engineering simulation software that is able to solve structural, thermal, fluids, and electromagnetic problems. In addition, WELSIM’s pre-/post-processing supports prestigious open source solvers, such as FrontISTR, MFEM, Palace, OpenRadioss, SU2, OpenFOAM, etc.

Where can I learn more about the technical details of your algorithm?

Details can be found on our docs site.

Additionally, we maintain a list of blogs about WelSim and simulation technology on our blog page.

What is the WelSim strategy?

It is our belief that the engineering simulation industry is still led by users. We intend to be the superior simulation software for R&D tools as well as the only serious and user-friendly choice for the community. The WelSim business will be the first for-profit company that contributes to universities, large corporations, small businesses, and individuals. We believe that - as Redhat and MySQL AB were necessary to drive corporate adoption of Linux and MySQL - we will be the source for support and training as sovereigns, research institutions, and corporations look to use simulation tools in daily innovation. Finally, we believe that we will be able to leverage simulation technology to drive more adaption at corporations and end users.

Why do I want to use WelSim?

You can use WelSim to conduct simulation studies and prototype virtual products easily and with less cost. You can download, install, and run the WELSIM program with no need for registration. To unlock the full features of WELSIM, you only need to send us a simple Computer ID code. After years of development, WelSim has become the most price-value engineering simulation software and is moving towards our goal of being the truly best simulation tool in the world.

Can I buy WelSim license today?

Yes. The only official source for buying the WelSim license is our webiste. We send you the license file once received your Computer ID. For the subscription purchase, you can cancel the plan anytime.

Are you writing code yet?

We are. We update our code repositories every weekday.

Does WelSim use others' code?

Yes, we use other open source codes under the license agreement. You can find the third-party libraries’ information in the installation folder.

Why are you creating WelSim?

We believe that more high-quality and easy-to-use simulation software will only make the world better. As veterans of the simulation industry, we have heard too many complaints that simulation software is very hard to use and too expensive, such a situation has negatively impacted the innovations of human beings, many small businesses and talented researchers cannot afford the enterprise-grade simulation software, we have partially solved this issue and keep working on helping those researchers, scientists, engineers, and instructors.

Why are you named WelSim?

We’re building simulation software, and we want to well solve the engineering and science problems, and We’ll.

How do I contact you with more questions?

You can email us at [email protected] or send us message via Contact Form.

For the product issues, you are also welcome to submit a ticket on our Github repo.