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finite element analysis software
WELSIM 2023R3 Windows 10/11
Fast, secure, and feature-rich finite element analysis software that allows you to conduct simulation studies and prototype virtual products. The All-in-One graphical user interface enables you to complete pre-processing, solve, and post-processing in one program.
finite element analysis software linux
WELSIM 2023R3 Ubuntu 20.04
This Linux version allows you to conduct finite element analysis on free operation systems, clusters, and cloud servers. Supporting Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, 64 bit and higher versions.
MatEditor Windows 10/11
Free, and ease-of-use material editing software enables you to create, edit, and generate material data for finite element analysis, and more. Including hyperelastic material curve fitting features.
CurveFitter Windows 10/11
Free software for nonlinear curve fitting of analytical functions to experimental data. The easy-to-use graphical user interface enables you to start fitting projects with no learning curves.
BeamSection Windows 10/11
Free, and ease-of-use beam calculator enables you to view and calculate beam cross-section data, such as moment of inertia, torsion constant.
UnitConverter Windows 10/11
Free, versatile unit conversion tool that allows you to convert a large number of engineering units quickly and accurately.

Documentation & Tests

Comprehensive documentation for all WELSIM products.

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The following test and example files are archived from WELSIM R2.0 and can be retrieved using the Open command or Drag/Drop operation. Note that most of the files are quick and small projects.

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Latest Dev.

We publish development builds (Windows version) on this track every a few days. Those builds reflect the latest state of the source code repository. This track allows users to experience the newest WELSIM features in an unstable environment and provide feedback on features and performance to help determine what makes the final release. Dev. builds can be unstable and contain incomplete or defect features.

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Previous Versions

WELSIM 2023R2 Windows 10/11
WELSIM 2023R2 Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
WELSIM 2023R1 Windows 10/11
WELSIM 2023R1 Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
WELSIM R2.4 Windows 10/11
WELSIM R2.4 Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
WELSIM R2.3 Windows 10/11
WELSIM R2.2 Windows 10/11
WELSIM R2.1 Windows 7/10
WELSIM R2.0 Windows 7/10
WELSIM R1.9 Windows 7/10
WELSIM R1.9 Linux Ubuntu
WELSIM R1.9 Linux CentOS
WELSIM R1.8 Windows 7/10
WELSIM R1.8 Linux
WELSIM R1.7 Windows 7/10
WELSIM R1.7 Linux
WELSIM R1.6 Windows 7/10
WELSIM R1.6 Linux
WELSIM R1.5 Windows 7/10
WELSIM R1.5 Linux
WELSIM R1.4 Windows 7/10
WELSIM R1.3 Windows 7/10
WELSIM R1.2 Windows 7/10
WELSIM R1.1 Windows 7/10
WELSIM R1.0 Windows 7/10